Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Wall Decoration With Paper Craft

The paper is really a colorful material and a great fun to work with. Here are some best and easy wall decoration with paper craft ideas. At home, if you take a look at your walls you might think to decor them and make them beautiful and attractive. You really can add a unique personality plus a character at your home by decorating the walls.

Charm and beauty is added to your room’s wall by beautifully decorating the walls of our house. Charm and energy can be brought to the house by handcrafted d├ęcor that is going to give a creative plus a warm fee.

Craft a beautiful round wall decor for your room’s wall:

 Following are the steps you need to follow in order to craft a beautiful round wall decor.

Material Required:

Color Paper, Scissors, Wool, Thread, Thermocol, Green Tape, Pencil, Glue, Quilling Strips, Circular Card Board, 4 pieces of decorative glass (circular shape, diamond shape), Quilling Tool (Needle) and Silk cloth (optional. If you want to make flowers of silk cloth, you can use this.)

Step by Step Procedure:

    Circular card board and wool is taken.

•    The wool is going to be used to wrap some portion of the cardboard. Wool with different beautiful color shades is used in order to enhance the beauty of your wall.

    Quilling strips of green plus a brown color is taken.

•    The glue is applied to one end of the brown stripe plus the green stripe is pasted on it.

•    Quilling toll is taken. And at brown stripe’s end, it is fixed. You need to hold it plus begin to tightly roll it.

•    At the end glue is applied to stick it. A tight coil of Quilling strips is also used.

•    Around the cardboard’s center gap glue is applied as that part is not covered through wool and all the coils are stuck till the 3/4th gap.

•    Now, thermocol balls of white color are taken and with the help of the cutter you need to cut it into two identical parts.

•    On central circular portion glue is applied plus in order to decorate you need to stick these thermocol.

•    Now, Quilling stripe of yellow color and paper of blue color is taken.

•    At one end Quilling needle is needed to be held on Quilling stripe plus 1 tight coil will be made. Now glue is applied at the other end and now sticks it to roll in order to complete it.

•    Another paper is taken and is cut into the dimensions of 2X20cm.

•    Thin stripes on one end are needed to be cut with the help of scissors along its length and one side is taken as it is.

•    The glue is applied on the other side and it is packed everywhere the tight coil.

•    All the above steps are repeated to make more flowers.

•    Your wall is going to look beautiful and attractive with this wall decor idea.

•    Now, silk cloth is taken and need to cut the leaves.

•    It is needed to be stuck to the cardboard with the help of glue as it’s about the place where the wrappings are completed through wool thread.

•    Handmade tiny flowers are taken and along with leaves are decorated on the cardboard. Ensure that in the middle there should be a proper gap for further more decoration.

•    Now, thermocol balls of different colors are taken.

•    Colorful thermocol is cut into 2 halves.

•    The glue is applied to the cardboard’s edges and all the halves of thermocol are stuck.

•    Now, yellow flowers are made as per procedure of tiny flowers.

•    The green silk cloth is used to cut it into leaves.

•    Now, both are decorated on the cardboard.

•    Different colors tiny flowers are taken that you made and you need to stick that in the middle gap that you left earlier.

•    This is going to enhance the beauty of your wall decor.

•    Now, finally glass 4 pieces are taken of diamond and circular shape.

•    The glue is applied to it plus sticks it on the wool. Equal gap is being there among the pairs of glass.

You have succeeded as you have created and shaped a beautiful and eye-catching wall decor that you can decorate on the wall of your room to make it beautiful.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

How to clean a stainless gas stove surface

A sleek, smooth, glossy and sophisticated look is given to the kitchen with the help of stainless steel. Do you know how to treat slow draining kitchen sink not clogged easily? Cooktop always looks beautiful and glossy when it is neat and clean.

But during its use and the typical cooking, it is easily exposed to the discoloration and stains. Such kind of stainless steel cooktop's is easily exposed to scratches as well. Thus, on the stainless style stove tops, standard scrub pads and standard and abrasive cleaners is going to make the matter poorer and worse. Most of the discoloration and stains on the stainless glass stove are removed by using household most of them are inexpensive and environmentally and globally friendly.


How to clean a stainless gas stove surface:

Material Required:

.   Teakettle
.    Paper towels
   Microfiber cloth or soft dishcloth
   Baking soda
.   Plastic scrub pad

Steps to clean stainless glass stove surface:

Step: No: 1:

Some of the water is poured down in the tea kettle and you need to heat the water till the water boils. A paper towel is used and you need to fold it up and place it at the top of the area that is discoloured on the gas stove. A bit of the hot water is poured down from the kettle on the paper towel that is placed on the stain and the surface is steamed clean. Let the towel stay there for at least five to ten minutes and then, the paper towel is rubbed on the stain, which follows the steel’s grain.

Step: No: 2:

Apple cider or white vinegar is poured down on the discoloration and on the stains in case if the steam is not able to eradicate that stains or discoloration. Let the vinegar stay there for at least a few minutes. A soft dishcloth or a microfiber cloth is used in order to rub all the stains and discoloration and followed the steel grain as well. A paper towel or a soft, damp cloth is used to wipe down and wash.

Step: No: 3:

A small amount of baking soda is poured down on the stains if they are still easily seen and noticeable. And a little vinegar is also poured down on the stains that are going to bubble up. A soft cloth is used in order to rub the prepared mixture. And if the cloth is not able to eradicate the discolourations, then, a plastic scrub pad is used. A clean and damp paper towel is used in order to wipe down the surface.

Monday, 8 January 2018

5 best colours for the bedroom

While deciding colours for different rooms in your house, the best places to choose colours for are the bedrooms. This is because bedrooms are a personalised space and are decorated according to the preferences of the person whose bedroom it is. However, with several fun bedroom paint ideas that are found in magazines and even on the internet, it can become very overwhelming for you to choose the perfect colour for your bedroom. So listed below are the top 5 fun bedroom paint ideas which will help you decide the colours you need to go for!

1.    Yellow

Yellow colour for the bedroom is a favourite of many people when they are deciding which colour they need to pick for their bedroom. This is because yellow is the perfect shade which makes the bedroom look a lot brighter and livelier than any other colour that you could choose. In order to amp it up, you can add a textured yellow wall in your room and just experiment some new designs and enjoy implementing some of the fun bedroom paint ideas. The perfect furniture tones for a yellow coloured bedroom wall are dark brown wood furniture or an all-white furniture set. With an all-white furniture, the room will look brighter, especially if there is a lot of sunlight flow into the room.

2.    Baby pink

For a girl’s bedroom, a really fun bedroom paint idea is to go for a pale pastel pink coloured bedroom which will add the perfect amount of brightness to the room. In order to bring some extra colour into the room, you can choose black and white furniture that will suddenly take the look of the room from a zero to a hundred. Moreover, you can also add red as a pop of colour which will create an accent in the room and all these colours will just balance each other out perfectly.

3.    Deep blue

A deep blue coloured wall in a bedroom can do no wrong, in most people’s opinion. It is a gorgeous colour that has the perfect amount of neutral tones as it does not look too bright or too dark for a bedroom and everything around it just falls into place flawlessly. The furniture which you could pair a deep blue coloured room with is either black and white or a lighter warm-toned brown. A colour that enhances the blue is mustard or yellow. So in order to make the most of your dark toned room and to bring down the intensity of the colour, you can add yellow pieces in the room which will add the perfect amount of brightness to the room.

4.    Apple green

This is a very different and daring colour to go for when deciding a colour for the bedroom. While this colour may be quite bright and seem too much, once it is on the wall and decorations have been added to the room, this is one of the brighter fun bedroom paint ideas and it is unique as well, so you are assured that you will be one of the few people who decided to choose this colour for their bedroom.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Different Variety Throw Pillows

Different kind of the pillows are used in numerous ways and conflict should be avoided in the design. Make sure that all the glitters and sparkles on the store are not appeared good at the home. Thus, there should be the proper awareness and knowledge in order to avoid the look absurdly. These days one of the most attractive, eye-catching and pretty home decorative and embellished items are throw pillows. Decorative throw pillows are used in almost each of the house because of its stylish and elegant look as well as the affordable price. The interior design of the room is revived with these kinds of decorative pillows. They are simple, elegant, comfortable and attractive cushions. Use of the pillow correctly is actually an art and most of the creative and innovative decorators use the throw pillows in the best possible manner in the modern age.

Following are some of the beautiful throw pillows.

Embroidered Throw Pillows

Such kind of pillows is extremely loved for the reason that their design and pattern are very beautiful and eye-catching. These embroidered throw pillows are extremely durable and long-lasting as compared to the simple printed throw pillows. Modern and innovative tow styles of the embroidered throw pillows are crossed and crewel. These embroidered throw pillows give a luxurious, lavish and comfortable look with the heavy furniture. Mostly used materials for the embroidery on such kind of pillows is cotton, silk and wool.

Pottery Barn Poppy Botanical Print Pillow

In order to give the house a completely new look, these throw pillows are absolutely the game-changers. It is going to help you to bring house pattern, color as well as particular and extraordinary texture. It is also available in different and unique fabric. It also works as a cute and pretty decorative accessory.

AphroChic Silhouette Pillow

These are actually the homage and respect to the African American ladies of the 1960s as well as the 70’s, as their beauty, freedom of expression and confidence epitomized and represented the “Black Is Beautiful” movement on its stature. This pattern on the throw pillows shows the qualities, merits and the abilities that basically defined these ladies by means of the two tumultuous and unrestrained decades whereas showing the Afros in all their magnificence and beauty.

Bole Road Textiles Qerz Throw Pillow

Such kinds of the throw pillows are hand-woven and they are made up by means of the shimmering and sparkling gold metallic yarn. This traditional throw pillow pattern is literally going to shine and sparkle on your couch. You can pair it along with the other pillows in the warm red tone and also using a little tone of black for the contrast.


There are different kind of the throw pillows that are actually used for the particular wants and needs. These throw pillows actually provide you with the comfort and ease as well as a new and an innovative appearance to your room. These pillows are inexpensive, attractive and eye-catching.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Beginner’s guide to canvas painting

Whenever you are trying out something new and different, it is always an intimidating experience since there is a lot that is going on in your mind. You think you will be unable to do it as well as everyone else who has already been working on it for a while. But it is important to keep in mind that when they started with something, they did not know a lot about it either, they were not as good at it as they are now. Practice indeed makes perfect. If you have been searching for canvas painting ideas for beginners, then these few ideas will be very helpful for you.

1.    Painting flowers


As a beginner, the easiest thing you can practice on is flowers. Everyone has painted/drawn flowers at one point in their life even if it was a random doodle on the back of a notebook. Starting from something basic is one the best canvas painting ideas for beginners since it is not overwhelming for a beginner who is totally new to the idea of canvas painting.

2.    Forest clearing


A forest clearing is another of the simpler canvas painting ideas for beginners which allows beginners to broaden their painting spectrum just a little bit but still not too much so that it is easier for them to make the transition from simple flower painting to something of a higher magnitude while being simple at the same time.

3.    Three toned painting


Once you have excelled the other two canvas painting ideas, it is time to add a bit of a complicated colour usage to the paintings. You can now start with using different tones within the same painting so that you can experiment more with the colours while also learning which colours look best with each other. A good canvas painting is all about knowing how to play and experiment with colours as they are what bring the painting together at the end of the day.

4.    Delicate designs


Working with projects that involve a larger image painting is considerably easier than painting something intricate and delicate as that requires a lot of precision and focus from the painter. To work on a more focused project, one of the best canvas painting ideas for beginners is to paint delicate flowers and in a smaller size while keeping the details of the flowers intact. This will improve your focus when you are working on smaller objects on a project and you can also learn to control the amount of paint you are using and also improves the imagination regarding how you see objects with your eyes and how you perceive them in your mind. That connection is what has given this world one of the finest painters ever to walk the face of this earth.

Gradually moving from a simpler project to a more detailed one is the perfect way to learn, get better and practice more and more until you excel in painting the perfect picture.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Home Decor Ideas

Decorating your home is one of the very most daunting tasks. A lot of the interior decor items are incredibly popular amongst the people. By changing handful of things of your abode you can bring a great change in one's personal space. Good changes at home decoration can make you feel new and relaxing and stimulating. Decorating your home is one of the best among the finest ways of changing the uninterested, bored to death and exhausted looking space into a rejuvenating, fresh and happy atmosphere.
Home Decoration consists of ideas that involve a number of things such as colors, furniture, cloth textile and many other accessories. For some individuals, interior decor may involve thousands of dollars, although it just requires can take calls for needs some creativeness and thoughts by some individuals to make wonderful amazing and superb changes.

Hiring a specialist home decor person is definitely and obviously a good idea, but it entails and requires a lot of will and involve big money. A specialist home decorator is going to surely bring a trendy and sporty environment in your house and they are well alert to the latest styles developments tendencies movement fad. They employ a professional perspective and viewpoint as compare to novice beginner home decorator as they have got both experience and skill and expertise ability. They could change, convert and enhance your boring, non-happening place into fascinating thrilling, interesting and enjoyable spot to suspend in.
You can also go for a do-it-yourself system that may surely make your house an improved location to and destination to live. The program very accustomed can increase the color, designs and so many more things. A lot of the professional decorators and use employ home interior decor system as they provide an exact idea about the view of your house after improvement. This system also stretched and expands the eyesight perspective home of decorator as you can easily see the ideas on the display screen of the computer.
Home Interior decor is selected in line with the size of your house and you require buying or keeping the items away in line with the size of your house. If how big is your property, really small then you are going for a simple and elegant home interior decor. You don't go for adding extra ornamental and attractive items bits and portions and furniture.
In the event that you if you own an extremely large or big-sized home, the other can arrange the items quite effectively but still save some space. Big size homes are like blessings for the home decorators. Home decorator also contains proper and right as well as appropriate placement of useful items such as furniture, several artifacts and your home.

Home Decorative ladders have grown to be a hot favorite for home decorators nowadays. This can be reasoned that they provide a great and rustic turn to your home.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Bedroom Decor How to Design Your Own Room

Home is a reflection of its inhabitants. Home shows what you are or what you like.  Simply, we can say home is a reflection of one’s mind. Do you want to know about wall decoration with paper craft? Off-course everyone wants their home to beautiful and peaceful. We can share ideas about home with each other and also design our home according to the taste of our Akins. But we design our bedroom according to our liking. Usually, in the home, we spend most of the time in our bedroom. Your bedroom is a piece of heaven in today’s hectic world. There is no better place for relaxation than your beautiful bedroom. A bedroom is a place where we relax and stay for an extended time at home. So, it must be designed according to our taste. Here we will discuss the importance and decoration of the bedroom.
 Designing a bedroom is not a difficult task nowadays. There are in numerous magazines, T.V shows and best of all, the internet. These things have solved our daily life problems. But here we are just concerned about bedroom decoration. First thing regarding bedroom is cleanness. No matter how simple your bedroom is but if it is clean, it seems beautiful and calm. So rule no.1 for a perfect bedroom is cleanness. Place a small dustbin wrapped with a fresh paper at the corner of your room. Keep dusting on a weekly basis your furniture and painted walls. Remember, the first impression is the last impression. No one will be impressed by the furniture and other stuff if your room dirty and things are in disorder then it is by no means.

If your room is uncluttered, your mind will also be uncluttered. Hang your clothes neatly in your closet. Keep your clutter under the bed or in the drawer. It is very irritating to sleep at night in a room full of mess right?

When Choosing Color:

The color is crucial to any room, and when it comes to the bedroom, it becomes more significant. Consider neutral, pastoral colors such as blue, green, purple, gray and green because these colors create a soothing and calm environment. Studies have shown that Pastel colors are more peaceful than vibrant colors. It’s not always easy to choose a color for your room because there are many shades in most of the colors. Better to choose that suits your mode as well the other furniture and stuff of your bedroom. If you don’t want to decorate your room’s wall, then try some decent hangings. Though wall hangings can be expensive, you can purchase something by a famous dead artist. Modern bedrooms themes look best with print in sleek frames. You can also decorate your wall with themes. Get some exotic animals and bird prints for a tropical look.

When Choosing Furniture:

Furniture is another critical issue for your bedroom’s appearance. Furniture design is the representation of your mind’s creation. Furniture is the tone of the entire room. The choice of your furniture must be according to your bedroom design to maintain the flow. Try to select the furniture according to the available space. Great bedrooms have both the elements of large and small pieces of furniture. Modern furniture design has a clean and polished look. Its colors are influential and prominent with fluid curves. Following are most important principles of modern furniture:

•    Smooth Curves
•    Texture
•    Geometric shapes

Following these three elements for furniture design of your bedroom, you will find the perfect pair of furniture. Color also has a high impact on bedroom design and furniture also. Colors like lavender and dark brown have sleep and calming effect whereas orange; cherry red is energizing. Style and wood/metal must match the paint and trim in the room. If you cannot afford to buy new furniture, then try to recycle old furniture with coverings and colors. Pictures and magazines can be very helpful in choosing the right bedding for you. Important is to remember the contemporary designs.

Light Fixture:

Lighting is another important aspect of a peaceful and beautiful bedroom. Some people use to sleep in complete darkness during other sleep with lights on. You can use lamps and window dressings according to your light needs to create the perfect atmosphere. Dimmers can help you in adjusting the light for your needs; one for reading, another for cleaning and one for sleeping. Curtains can block as well as color the natural light in your room. Heavy drapes can block most of the light. Pair heavy curtains with a sheer chiffon curtain to balance the amount of light. You can draw back drapes after waking up at morning time for light; similarly, you drop the drapes to stop the light at daytime as well as at night.

Some Unique Ideas for your bedroom:

Well, different peoples have different tastes. If you are a books lover, place a nice shelf along the wall to keep books in a proper sequence. I prefer to have a space for books in your bedroom. There is the best companion of loneliness. Here is a unique idea for your peaceful bedroom. Remove the television set from your room, it seems odd to you, but I assure you it will bring an absolute peace to your room. Television creates a lot of noise and light in the room and irritates you from time to time especially when you are aiming to sleep. Do the same thing with your computer. Move both these items into the living room or study. I guarantee; this is a major step in making your bedroom a part of heaven. We use our bedroom to take a rest and soothe our mind from worldly busy tiresome routine. So, why anything interrupts us?

Don’t afraid to an experiment; you can quickly reverse your setting after all it is your bedroom. So, be creative and imaginative and design your bedroom. All you need is proper planning with appropriate ideas. Sure things do look complicated in the beginning, but interest develops with the passage of time. Just concentrate on your plan and be consistent. Consistency is the key to success. The joy of well-decorated bedroom is above all feelings in a whole day.